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Elton Hartmann Marks

http://www.goelton.com e-mail ehm@goelton.com

Summary of Qualifications:

Computers skills

  • Programmer Language MUMPS, HTML, CGI/Perl, Basic, JAVA,PL/SQL, C. I worked more than 12 years with MUMPS. It's my major experience.
  • Operation Systems - Windows NT, SCO-Unix, OS/2, DOS, Windows 3.11, Win/95,Win/98, HP-UX, IBM-AIX
  • Applications - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access), Lotus Smart Suit (WordPro, Organize, Lotus 123, StarOffice Suit, Macromedia Internet Products (Freehand, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director), Netscape and Explorer, Quickbooks Pro, PhotoGraphics Pro, Maya Graphics, Oracle, Cold Fusion.
  • Network - NT 4.0 administrator, OS/2 peer network, Win/95 peer network, Novell 3.12, SCO-Unix network.

Other skills

  • English is my second language. My first language is Portuguese, and I also can understand and speak a little in Spanish.
  • I have a high capacity to learn fast and find a better way to do things.
  • Also, I can administrate other co-workers in meetings, projects and management, especially in Information Systems.


1998 to Present - EHNet, Inc. and University of California, Riverside - USA

Developing a business of the Internet Services on EHNet, Inc, my personal business, and work at UCR on the marketing department with surveys, graphics and building home pages. I am English student, at level 600 (last level) and with 475 points on my last TOEFL (jan/1997).

1997 - N&L Sao Paulo Informatica - USA

I sold part of my old business (Skram) and came to USA to learn English. I also worked by Internet in my own business in Brazil, developing Home Pages

1991-1996 - Skram Informatica - Brazil

I had grown my own business. A soft house developing programs to Business Administration. At the last year I had more them 110 clients and 7 employees. I used MUMPS to developer big administration systems.

1980 - 1991 - Associacao Paulista da Igreja Adventista - Brazil

I started with typist in 1980, computer programmer in 1982, system analyst in 1984, and manager in 1985

Project, construction and maintenance of a local network with 35 clients and remote network controlling 16 remote servers and more them 200 clients. I have a reference letter from this job. We used MUMPS there for all administration applications.

About myself

I like the snow sky and water sports; also I make friends easily and keep good relationships with co-workers and directors.


  • University of California Riverside, CA USA 1997-1999 Extensions Courses
  • Graphics Design, Microsoft, C, Perl, Windows NT Administrator, Oracle, Cold Fusion, English as a Second Language

  • Universidade Mackenzie Sao Paulo, SP Brazil 1981-1984 University

    Computer Science and System Analyze

  • Instituto Adventista de Ensino Sao Paulo, SP Brazil 1976-1979 High School

3 year with emphasis in Biology Science

Elton Hartmann Marks

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